BSC CyberCenter


The BSC CyberCenter is an online resource designed to aid students in their pursuit of Academic excellence in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

The BSC program is focused on engaging activities to draw students' interest to STEM fields, and show them how they can pursue STEM careers.

STEM Challenge 2018

Registration for STEM Challenge 2018 will open March 1st!

This year's STEM challenge will be held at UHCL on April 7, 2018. The STEM challenge is a great opportunity for you and your team to showcase your Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics skills.

The STEM Challenge is open to all High-School Students, Community College Students, and Undergraduate University Students. Students can participate in teams of up to four members. Everyone in the team does not need to have a background in STEM fields. However, it is recommended that at least one of the team members should have some programming experience.

View pictures, video, and results from STEM Challenge 2016.

Check out a video or the results from the STEM Challenge 2015, or a video and results from STEM Challenge 2014.

BSC Orientation

Do you have questions about starting at a university? About entering a STEM field? At the BSC orientation we make student's lives a little easier, so start the year off right by attending our new student orientation! We host orientation every summer before the Fall semester starts.

At our orientation, students are able to meet our Mentors and some of the professors at UHCL and San Jacinto College, students will also learn about the upcoming events and Tech Friday topics that will be offered this Fall. This orientation is a two day event.

BSC Mentors

BSC offers Student Mentoring and Tutoring!

The BSC Mentors are provided as a resource to you, the student, to help you in your academic pursuits.

Our Mentors keep regular office hours, and are always happy to help!

About Us

The BSC Program is open to all science, technology, engineering, and mathematics majors at San Jacinto College and University of Houston Clear Lake.

As a member, you will be given opportunities to interact with emerging technologies, get introduced to advanced projects at both institutions, and be directed towards scholarships and academic support.

We will be having BSC Club meetings every other Tuesday, you can see a schedule of the meetings here.